La Linea

ChapterTitle oft he ChapterMiguels action
1Life of misery and daddy issuesMiguek wakes up on his 15th birthday and gets a note from his dad.
2Miguels fears and dreamsMiguel is dreaming about his perfect future till he comes back to reality.
3Aiming at their fathers‘sChuy stays, Lalo and Miguel will leave San Jacinto.
4Small town sadnessMiguel and Elena talk about leaving.
5Don Clements moneyMiguell gets the instrution to cross the borders.
6Getting readyMiguel prepares everything for his trip and fixes what he should have done for his grandmother.
7La fiestaMiguel and Elena kill a goat to prepare la fiesta.
8La Llorona and chupacabraMiguel listens to scary storys but no one speaks the truth.
9Goodbyes aren’t foreverMiguel gets small presents from his friends.
10The medallionMiguel gets ready to leave, taking the medallion of his grandmother.
11The strangerMiguel finally got into the bus, on his way to his destination.
12Captain Morales madnessMiguel and Javi gets surprised by the police who sort out mexicans and no mexicans.
13Pants accidentJavi said that Elena is a burden to Miguel. Morales pants slipped down, everone started laughin and he threatened to shoot someone
14The escapeJavi plans a trick so the passangers can escape
15Getting new ticketsMiguel and Elena got into town where they bought bus tickets to San Jancinto
16RobbedMiguel and Elena got robbed by muggers
17A new planMiguel and Elena try to find a solution for their problem
18Mata GenteMiguel decided that him and Elena going to jump on the mata gente
19„Tengo SIDA“Miguel, Elena and Javi jumped on mata gente
20The dangerous rideElena was nearly giving up due too much hunger and thirst. Miguel feels abandoned by his father
28Survive the desertThey decide to walk at day and rest at night while they crisscross through the void